Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The 5 hottest food Trends of 2016

Marmalade tastes spicy, syrup is smoked and burgers are all of a sudden healthy. The year 2016 promises to be a year of culinary opposites. We've researched the five hottest food trends for the coming season and invite you to discover, be surprised and enjoy them.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mar 14 2016 Email

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A Toronto-based photographer, Susan Findlay is also a wedding and event stylist, antique enthusiast, flower aficionado and lover of pretty things. She styles all her floral arrangements personally. Featuring both garden vignettes and backyard tea parties, her images are positively dripping with flowers.
From simple and elegant to rustic and sublime, her choice of colour palettes and clever use of eclectic vintage pieces make her photos truly stunning. In addition to her personal antique collection, bolstered by annual trips to France, she also sell antiques at local markets in Ontario. Susan rents out her vast collection as props for events, weddings and photo shoots.
With her love of weddings, flowers and antiques, it’s no surprise that herPinterest boards are a wonderful visual inspiration and a massive rabbit hole. (You’ve been warned!)
The world isn’t black and white. In fact, we often remind ourselves not to see it that way. But sometimes removing colour is the best way to find beauty. The classic combo of yin and yang, panda bears and checkerboard tiles, black and white are opposites in harmony and balance.
Psychologically, they’re opposing forces: black is secretive and mysterious; it helps us hide our emotions and insecurities. It represents ultimate power, control, luxury and elegance. When it comes to fashion, it’s still cool to wear black; research has shown that black clothing makes us appear smarter and sexier.
White, on the other hand, is pure, clean and futuristic. It represents innocence, but can sometimes appear cold and sterile. When talking brands, white can present a calm, organised and efficient company. Someone wearing white-on-white in a sea of black can appear amazingly confident.
While black and white have symbolised the struggle between good and evil, light and dark and day and night for centuries, they’re both a powerfully timeless pairing and very modern.
Our eyes like contrast and the dance of opposites. In a world bombarded by colour, sometimes the stark difference between light and dark stands out amidst all the noise.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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