Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Daiichi Colour ang authorized representative dito sa Pilipinas 
ng mga sumusunod na stock photo agencies.

Marami ka ng options.  Lahat ng kailangan mo, andito na!

                             Blue Jean Images (BJI)                                  Masterfile
                          Hanap nyo ba ASIAN pictures?           Caucasian, Latinos, kahit ano,
                          BJI ang sagot sa problema mo.             dito mo makikita yan.  Premium 
                          www.bluejeanimages.com                    lahat ng pictures dito.

                     Living4Media                                       Top Photo Group (TPG)
                                   Interior, Gardening, DIY,                    Asian pa more... at madami  
                          Features, Outdoor pictures?                pang iba! www.tpgimages.com
                          Eto ang solusyon dyan,                         

                                                           Stockfood                                Robert Harding 
                            Iba't-ibang klaseng Pagkain,               Travel ba?  Ano pa hinihintay  
                          Recipes, Fruits, Features?                    mo?  www.robertharding.com
                          Akong bahala syo!  Click mo 
                          lang  ang Stockfood.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

August - September Promo

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Reuters June Promo


Reuters June Promo

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4. Promo valid until June 30, 2017

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Promo Winners


Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Inc. 
J. Walter Thompson
Mccann Worldgroup Philippines Inc. 
Silver Machine 
Stamps Enterprises
Tupperware Brands Philippines Inc. 
Havas Media Ortega
Megaworld Corp. 

Expect a call/email from us. 
Thank you. 

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

stock travel, nature, wildlife & environmental photos

a world famous stock travel photo collection
Your creative resource for the very highest quality curated stock travel photography of nature, global cultures and the environment for commercial, advertising and editorial projects.
We don't have millions of images, just the right ones !

Daiichi Colour Inc. is the authorized representative of Robert Harding collections.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Where Do We Get Ideas?

Our best ideas, rather than being true “Eureka” moments, usually arise from the ashes of what’s come before.

Ever wonder where ideas come from? Steven Johnson, author of “Where Good Ideas Come From”, at a TED talk in 2010, said that ideas are physical events, “a new network of neurons ... firing in sync with each other inside your brain for the first time”.
How do we encourage that? In corporate and creative cultures alike, emergency brainstorming sessions, seeking “flashes of inspiration” or “strokes of genius”, are usually the answer. But do they actually work as a creative exercise?
Maybe not. Brainstorming was invented in the 1950s by Alex Osborn, an advertising executive, with the following principles: 1) Generate as many ideas as possible 2) free of criticism 3) prioritizing the most outrageous ideas and 4) refining and “Frankensteining” ideas as needed. However, over the past half century, research has never shown that brainstorming produces better ideas in greater quantity. The practice isn’t wrong, just far from perfect. Try these suggestions to make it better.
Make the sharing of ideas part of the culture by creating an “idea factory” in your office or studio where ideas can meet, mingle and become something new. Allow time for hunches to incubate; we’re actually less creative under pressure. According to Adam Grant, a little bit of procrastination can bring a big boost to creative thinking.
Brainswarming, a nearly silent exercise, starts with the goal or problem written at the top of a whiteboard, allowing top down thinkers to concentrate on strategy while bottom up thinkers focus on the small stuff. It might not generate tons of ideas, but as people fill in pieces of the puzzle, viable solutions are born.
Conversely, brainwriting is a little more like traditional brainstorming, except ideas are written on paper and passed to the next person, allowing ideas to piggyback off one another. The big bonus? Ideas from introverts get just as much attention as those from extroverts.
But what if you have no shared space? Remote teams can improve on brainstorming too. 18th century philosopher John Locke had what he called a “commonplace book”, a notebook where he scribbled inspirations and hunches. He would re-read entries, revisiting what he’d been thinking months earlier, enabling him to make new connections. Riffing on his practice, spark innovation with a shared “idea file”, using Evernote or Google Docs. After all, our best ideas, rather than being true “Eureka” moments, usually arise from the ashes of what’s come before.



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Friday, March 17, 2017

Looking for Asian images???
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